Calem Watson cooking a shore lunch
An inspiring and motivating story about pushing yourself and overcoming challenges.
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Calem presents an exciting slideshow on his canoe journey across the Northwest Territories. He talks about his experiences, overcoming challenges, lessons learned, being alone in the wilderness, wildlife, spectacular scenery, adventure, fishing and the incredible people he met along the way.  It is sure to inspire and motivate your pupils, colleagues, or employees to push the boundaries of what they think is possible.

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For all my teacher friends, if you’re looking for an inspiring speaker who honors the land and the people and has some great takeaways from his adventures, get in touch with Calem. At 24 years old, he is an authentic and inspiring role model that students would love to hear from. His wisdom in outdoor adventure, connection with traditional land use and the local people of the North, as well as his honest humor make for an inspiring, educational presentation!

Jacquie Ganton

Last night we sold out at The Red Brick with our special guest, Calem Watson – Adventurer. He shared his story of travelling across the NWT on a canoe all by himself. We got to see video clips and photos of all the beautiful places he came across. His story made us feel like we were there along with him and the adventure that he undertook.

Burnt Rock Adventure Co.

If you love the outdoors, or canoeing, or the North, or stories about grit and the power of mental and physical determination…or all of the above, I couldn’t recommend this more. Exceptional story telling from an extraordinary young man. Buy tickets, you won’t regret it.

Steph Tingley

Unbelievable story. Anyone who is at heart an adventurer should not miss this. This presentation sells out everywhere he goes.

Randy Swan

Calem has done an amazing job with his presentation and story. Definitely worth attending even if you don’t canoe. His story of perseverance, following your dream and embracing people and things along your journey is a story we can all learn from.

Lisa Smith

Great presentation by @calem_watson on his 122 day/3000 km solo trip. I could relate to many moments throughout the journey and discovered many inspiring moments I hope to one day experience. Adventure aside, super inspiring to see someone pursuing their passions. Highly recommend checking it out if he is presenting in your area.


Calem Watson – Adventurer story was more than we expected and think he is an inspiration to many. Especially the younger generation, so to all our teacher followers, make sure to get in touch with Calem and have him speak at your school!

Burnt Rock Adventure Co.

A story of overcoming remarkable obstacles in the land of the midnight sun and muskox through muskeg and on massive water. Inspiring to hear Calem Watson share stories tonight about his 3,000 km solo canoe NWT expedition to Tuktoyaktuk on Arctic Ocean.

Trent Wotherspoon

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